Who We Are

Livity is originally a Rastafari concept but no two people will give you the same definition of the word. We don’t claim to be Rasta but we believe in many of the same values and insights.

To us, Livity is a way of life. Tuning into your heart and listening to what your soul longs for. It’s about being connected to the energy or life-force that flows through all people and all living things. Living a natural lifestyle is a strong focus of ours, including the consumption of natural foods. Livity means life. What drives you to do the things you love? What makes you feel most alive?  For us, traveling and volunteering goes hand in hand. This blog will be a journey through the unknown, the trials and tribulations, the happiest of times and the struggles.

There are two things we’ve come across that many elders have to say when you ask them if they have any advice on living a happy life; work less, travel more. Jesse and I are finding a way to do both simultaneously. We sold all our belongings and are off with nothing but a full backpack, on an adventure to fully enjoy this beautiful life we’ve been given. In the midst of our travels, we are in search of a place that truly feels like home, a place to grow some roots and in time create a homestead where we can live simply and sustainably.

During our travels we plan to do work exchange, volunteering our time for a temporary place to rest, while being immersed in other cultures. Through some research, we’ve come across many different opportunities to grow and learn new skills along the way, while volunteering with others life missions and projects. The most freeing thing of all is that we have no time frame for anything. Truly living in the moment, day to day, there’s no hustle to be anywhere. I am a teacher and Jesse has experience working in the majority of the skilled trades, so with our joined forces, I believe we will always be able to find paid work when needed.

I thank god every day for blessing me with the right partner to share this life with. It takes a certain type of crazy to drop everything to join hand in hand into the unknown. I will be writing the majority of the blog and Jesse will add his two cents here and there when he wants to. It’s hard to choose the main focus, so we’re staying open to letting the blog evolve over time. If you’re looking for adventure, culture, growth, and inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place.

We hope you tune in and join us on this journey!